Just some of our happy customers


I run a company that renovates flats in the centre of Perpignan for a select clientele.

For some time now, we've been working with Entreprise BEAR on a number of projects in older homes: here are just a few examples.
  • Following water damage for the total renovation of flats after flooding, i.e. repair of cracked plasterwork before painting etc...
  • Work on a glass roof and the roof of a 5-storey building, roped off above the void at a height of at least 15 metres.
On these and other occasions, I've noticed that the high quality of Entreprise BEAR's work is due to a management team that is demanding in terms of the quality of its staff, the rigour with which it manages its projects and the cleanliness with which it returns them once finished.
Philippe Mondamert
Managing Director of CEDRIMAT


Entreprise BEAR has carried out work on my house on several occasions. I don't really have any superlatives to describe the quality of the service.

So go for it, they're serious, responsive, good listeners and they know how to adapt to customer needs!

It's exactly what I expect from a company. I highly recommend them.

Sylvain Ranvier

We would like to give a recommendation for our builder Teddy, Entreprise Bear. The job involved knocking through into the WC and converting it to a showeroom, moving the toilet into the bathroom, removing a sunken bath, filling in the opening and putting in a new bath and involved extensive plumbing changes. We have been very happy with his work. He speaks English and was always available, during initial discussions about the quote and any time after when we were unsure of something. More importantly he is a good guy, friendly and helpful and was very patient with all the times we ended up changing our mind about something!

Roberta DI MAIO

A serious, multi-skilled company. Efficiency and responsiveness are rare enough in the profession.
Merci M. Juin

Seb Chancel