Diagnosis – Repair – Roof maintenance – Perpignan and the Eastern Pyrenees (66)

If your roof is showing signs of deterioration, it's important to call in a qualified professional to repair it quickly and avoid the risk of seepage. The roof is an essential part of your home, protecting you from the weather and outside elements such as rain, wind and sun.

If you have an emergency following a storm, don't hesitate to contact us for rapid repairs.

Our roofing know-how

Entreprise BEAR specialises in roof repairs and offers you a free estimate for all your projects. We offer the following services: leak detection, visual diagnosis, total or partial re-roofing, chimney repairs and gutter repair or replacement. We strive to provide fast, meticulous work to renovate your roof efficiently.

We also offer renovation services for all types of roofs, including flat and mechanical tiles, slates and steel tanks. We can also check the watertightness of your roof and carry out any necessary work, or replace damaged tiles, slates or steel tanks.

If you'd like to prevent roof problems in the future, we'll be delighted to advise you and provide you with the best possible equipment, as well as taking care of your roof's maintenance.