Airbus - Updating the suspended crane platforms to meet conformity regulations

Intervention on the roof terraces of the Airbus Defence and Space site in Toulouse. The work consisted of placing saltire crosses at regular intervals along the roller track before modifying the anchors on the base studs.

To overcome the site's limitations, Entreprise BEAR improvised a workstation using mobile mounts already on site. This then allowed us to use a magnetic drill, which made the rest of the intervention much more efficient.

Total - Roof access security

Intervention on the Boussens core repository. Most of the work related to preparing the lifelines. We also installed a cage ladder and a handrail system on access side of the building. The objective was to ensure the safety of crossings.

The objective of the work was to be able to control the smoke evacuation systems. In this sense, lifelines had to be laid on each side of the ridge. Due to its length (more than 200 metres), expansion joints were present. It was therefore necessary to anticipate 3 parapet platform access ladders to facilitate crossing the building from one side to the other.

Cémoi - Securing workstations

Intervention on the Cantalou site in Rivesaltes. Our mission was to integrate a security system into existing complex machinery.

Entreprise BEAR had to overcome a number difficulties. The first was to impact the production lines as little as possible. The second was compliance with the health and safety regulations associated with the site, namely the wearing of hygeine caps and overalls.